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Maria Fowler, 25, plants kiss on Mick Norcross, 48, as love blossoms for TOWIE stars

Forget Sugar Hut, Mick Norcross should rename his club Sugar Daddy.

Despite his greying hair and growing waistline, the 48-year-old appears to have made Maria Fowler fall for his charms following a speed-dating game.

At just 25, The Only Way Is Essex redhead is half his age and could have her pick of any handsome young contenders.

However, the new showmance will have viewers questioning if the couple really are lovestruck or just playing up to the cameras.

Instead of declaring her blossoming affections for the silver fox, Maria was more interested in the apparent global attention they are accumulating.

She seemed pleased as punch yesterday when she wrote on Twitter: ‘@micky_norcross & @MariaFowler… Trending worldwide! #Essex.’

The bizarre relationship began after co-star Gemma Collins arranged a ‘singles night’ last week.

The blonde ITV2 star, who recently lost over three stone in weight, held a party where the girls were given locks and the boys were handed keys.

As luck would have it, Kirk’s father relished his Cinderella moment when his key fit Maria’s lock.

Unsurprisingly, Kirk, who at 23 is two years younger than his father’s new girlfriend, felt uncomfortable that his former enemy was muscling in with his old man.


The two young stars failed to put their differences behind them last season, with Kirk referring to Maria as ‘an extra’.

But during a visit to a salon for a dual head massage, the father and son discussed the latest turn of events.

Kirk told Mick that ‘family comes first and that’s it’, but after a chat with Maria he softened his approach to the lovebirds.

He joked: ‘As long as you make him smile. Be careful, if you get a bit… he might have a heart attack.’

Maria also saw the funny side of the age gap, telling Lauren Pope and Lauren Goodger: ‘I’ll make him (Kirk) call me mum – imagine Sunday dinner, me and him and if you and Kirk got back together.’

Following a lack of air time in series three, an angry Maria is said to be adamant on doing whatever it takes to increase her broadcast coverage.

An insider told The Sun: ‘Maria wants to make sure that she doesn’t fade into the background.

‘She knows being part of a relationship with another cast member will guarantee her more scenes.’

Maria split from boyfriend Craig Church last month.
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